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If you would like to setup an appointment to visit our showroom or to speak with a design consultant, call us at 610.430.8300 or email us. We would be happy to assist you.



Our Signature theaters help define who you; our customers are.  From convertible theaters that double as a living space to dedicated luxury theater spaces, our designers and engineers create the right theater for you our customer.

The AVC team will cover every detail for you.  Room acoustics, sound and picture quality, proper air flow for the equipment and lighting requirements are details that will be carefully explained and demonstrated.

When it comes to your home, nothing less than experience experts should be considered.  At Audio Video Consultants, we take great pride in decades of experience, unsurpassed quality of work, and in partnerships we forged with our clients.



speakersListen To Pleasant Music All Around The House.  Music adds to the ambiance of your home. Your choice of songs can easily be controlled with a push of a single button.  Different rooms can play various selections simultaneously.  If you wish to maintain the décor of the room, you'll be delighted with discretely hidden in ceiling speakers, completely preserving the aesthetics of the home.  Take it a step further and complement the yard with quality speakers disguised as beautiful landscaping rocks.



Media ServersControl Your Entire Home With Ease.  Our integrated systems are designed so that you can operate almost every electronic device in your home.  Through simple to use touch screens and handheld remote controls, our various systems will allow you to control your home, even while away.






Lighting Design Adds to the Ambiance of Your Home Lighting enhances the mood of the home.  It sets the stage for all activities. Create a romantic dinner when it's just the two of you.  If a family member needs to get up at night, help them find their way down the hall with low level lighting but not enough light to wake anyone else in the house. You can even adjust the lights to slowly dim when it's time for the kids to go to bed. 


ProjectorAVC offers the latest in Telecommunications solutions.  We offer the highest quality service to our customers. From IP telephony to whole house systems, our systems are installed and maintained by our factory-trained technicians. At AVC we take pride in customer service and make sure we exceed all customer expectations.





Whether you are at home, at the office, or far away on vacation, AVC can provide you with peace of mind.  Our security and surveillance solutions give you the assurance of knowing that you & your home remain safe and secure around the clock.  You can connect directly to your security and/ or CCTV systems to keep you informed of the status of your properties and to have full control of your system from interfaces such as your office computer or iPhone.




AVC provides audio/visual environments for corporate conference rooms and boardrooms. Our teams design and install easily controlled presentation systems for offices that include HDTV, projectors, view screens, integrated telephone and teleconferencing equipment.  Our videoconferencing capabilities give business managers state of the art systems to effectively manage today’s mobile workforces.


AVC also provides distributed audio & video, lighting and shade control systems and individual Internet and e-mail access. All functions are made accessible through simplified user interfaces for system control.  We also provide systems for restaurants or sports bars